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New thing

Well this is exciting - on Monday I am starting at Launceston Church Grammar School as Marketing and Events Officer, two days a week. Hurrah! Regular money! Working with nice people! And I still get to do my freelance and volunteering stuff, but it won't feel quite as...

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I dropped Karen off at the airport this morning, bringing to a close our inaugural writing retreat. I say inaugural - although we didn't discuss doing it again, I reckon we should! As I mentioned in my last post, we chatted each day about what we'd achieved and...

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Make joy instead

Further to my last post, I keep thinking about why I struggle with the idea of achieving something, or 'making it' in a creative field. I guess it's two hallmarks of my generation: firstly, that fame is the chief and desirable marker of success, and secondly, being...

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Creative surge

It's funny looking back on the directions one's life might have taken. Sliding doors moments, I guess (I think I have said before how much I hated that movie but the idea is still an interesting one). What if...I had chosen art instead of music at high school (where...

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Thank you for your prayers and kind comments on my post the other day. I can feel the needle on my mood-o-meter starting to tip back towards positive, which is a much better place to be. I still have this weird anxiety nibbling at my edges, but am taking lots of deep...

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Other things I do!

I am passionate about gratitude and I write about it at Everyday Gratitude. I also have produced some nice things to help you get into gratitude, which you can buy here.

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