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Hello again – so there has been some concern expressed from some dear friends that I am Trying to Do it All and that way lies madness. I just wanted to clarify that last post was more me writing everything down and going “yup, this is why I’m feeling overwhelmed. This is a lot.” It wasn’t meant as an expression of “but I should be able to do all this and more!” Rest assured that I am taking steps to reduce the load. Part of the issue was the job came out of the blue, and I had already committed to a bunch of things that I wouldn’t have taken on if I’d known a full time job was also in the mix.

Thankfully, some of those things have a finite time span, so I just need to adjust here and there so that I can do what I need to do without breaking commitments or falling in a heap.

Having said all that, I figure some gratituding is in order, because despite having low energy levels and a foggy brain, there is a lot to be grateful for. So here goes. Today I’m grateful for:

  • Having options and being able to make choices about how I earn a living. This is a HUGE thing to be grateful for!
  • Working with new people who are appreciative of my skills
  • Finding out all your new colleagues love Parks and Rec as much as you do
  • Being able to pay my bills on time
  • Living in an amazing house
  • The view of the Tamar Valley as you drive down our hill, how it looks splendid and different every day
  • My chickens almost taking off as they run across the yard to see me
  • My cats taking it in turns to lie on the bed and purr next to me
  • Finding a cache of chicken eggs in the lavender bush
  • The glorious spring sunshine
  • The purpleness of the violas I planted yesterday
  • A Venetian biscuit – I haven’t eaten one of those in years! I forgot how much I like them.
  • Making music, whether by myself, with one other person, with a band, with an ensemble
  • Singing harmonies
  • Playing flute with a friend
  • Friends caring about my wellbeing
  • Having a minister who understands about mental health things
  • All the daffodils and narcissi exploding all over our suburb at the moment
  • That pademelon nibbling the lawn outside
  • Reading the Bible with a friend over Facebook
  • The fun of dressing up
  • Taking good photos
  • My mum’s medical procedure going smoothly this week
  • The lovely nurse we had at LGH
  • Having a new boss who understands when you need flexibility with time
  • A friend buying your crocheted blankets off you so that she could bless another friend with comfort
  • An unexpected windfall
  • Hugs
  • Laughter
  • Bed

So yes, I might be tired. But actually life is pretty good!


Photo by Ryan Yao on Unsplash