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Well this is exciting – on Monday I am starting at Launceston Church Grammar School as Marketing and Events Officer, two days a week. Hurrah! Regular money! Working with nice people! And I still get to do my freelance and volunteering stuff, but it won’t feel quite as desperate as it does right this minute. I almost haven’t wanted to say anything about it in case something goes wrong and it all doesn’t eventuate, but I’ve filled out the paperwork and it’s all happening!

As you know, being on irregular pay for a few years has really not been good for me. When it comes to tax time, it’s evident that I make a reasonable amount in a year, but I’ve never been able to master the art of good cashflow and frequently experience these unpleasant poor times.

Never has this been clearer than at this moment, when I have to update my Working with Vulnerable People card from ‘volunteer’ to ’employee’ status. And I need to pay $91 for the privilege of proving that I am a safe person. And yes, it’s important and it’s tax deductible. But I don’t HAVE $91 at the moment. In the next week or so I will, but I don’t have it now. Oh, and when the money comes in it is already allocated for bills, etc. Sigh.

Boy it will be nice not to be regularly broke, to be able to pay off things and build up a savings buffer. And put money into my super! Freelancing can be great, but during a fallow time it really is the pits.

Yay for new things!


Photo by Camille Orgel on Unsplash