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I was just looking through some photos from the last month and a bit and there were lots of good things in it, so here is a bit of a photo post catch up thing to ameliorate the down-ness of the last post.

I didn’t buy this hat, but it made me feel like Dot from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Now I kind of wish I had bought it.

I forgot to show you my Black Widow and Rey minifigs that I got at the excellent Lego shop at Dreamworld. They are being charged with the extremely important task of holding cables on my desk.

Ive missed yum cha a lot since moving to Launceston but we found some! It wasnt the kind with trolleys, instead you marked down what you wanted on a menu, but it was amazingly delicious and we will definitely be back. Also the restaurant is called Dainty Legend, which is also pretty great.

I made Easter gingerbread eggs.

I also made an impromptu birthday cake when we found out one of our visiting friends was having a birthday. Super easy, quick and tasty. Also those Happy Birthday candles we had in the cupboard – only really good for two uses, max.

And of course had to end the Easter bake-fest with buns. This is one of the hardest things about being diabetic – having to rein in my love of baking. Needless to say, over Easter, all restraints were off.

So great to have the Thompsons visit just before Easter. The most photogenic family in the world, I think.

On Good Friday we had a Jesus-fulfills-the-Passover meal with our Bible study group.

I just enjoy this pic. This is my favourite stuffed animal – my brother bought it for me when we were kids.

My Uncle Johnnie came to visit so of course we needed to sample the local wine.

We went up to Beaconsfield. The collection of historical stuff from the area they have is great. Here, the siblings recreate their school days. I also had a go with the nib and inkwell, writing lines, and concluded that I would have been a mess, being a left hander. Or I would have been smacked with a ruler until I learned to write with my right hand.

I liked these shapes.

Something poetic about ruins.

I was really moved by the exhibit about the trapped miners, Todd Russell and Brant Webb. It was really well put together, and even though I remember the period, just seeing all the material concentrated in the one room brought the impact of the whole thing home. Also, peering into that tunnel and up into the cage which would have been the space they were trapped in…jeepers. I almost burst into tears.

This project is bringing me much pleasure. I think this is why I love this time of year so much, because working on a blanket is really enjoyable. You get to see something grow, bit by bit, but it also gives you warmth and snuggliness while you work on it.