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Tonight I had the pleasure of hearing the Southern Gospel Choir. Man, these guys are a powerhouse! Such incredible sounds, music that is bursting with life, and being a Christian, listening to a room full of people belt out “his mercy endureth forever!” in luscious harmony was such a joyous thing. Like listening to the heavenly host. I had a grin on my face from beginning to end.

It seems a shame there weren’t more people at the gig – it seems incredibly hard to publicise things effectively here in Launceston. I’m not sure why that is. There’s a lot going on but you don’t hear about most of it.

It was a funny night though – I was about to say disjointed, which is an incredibly bad pun given what actually happened. A bunch of us from 5pm church had gone over to Josh and Anja’s for dinner before heading off to the concert together and as we arrived, their little daughter S fell off the swing and badly dislocated her arm. So we were all left in the house to eat while the family went off to the hospital (the littlest was packed off to grandma’s). They missed the whole concert of course, which was sad because Andrew Legg, the choir director, is Josh’s dad and it would have been S’s first time seeing her grandfather play live. Andrew said as much when he introduced the last song and dedicated it to her, which was sweet (it turned out to be happening at the exact same time she was going in for surgery).

Anyway, if you ever have a chance to hear this choir live, grab it! In the meantime, here is the snippet of iPhone video I grabbed at the beginning of the concert. The rest of the gig was much more boppy and full of movement but this was just such a powerful way to kick off the night.