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I had lots of fun wittering on as Charlotte Palmer, and then discovered a couple of even more disagreeable characters in the Misses Steele. They were amalgamated into a single character in the film but oh, they did not do justice to Austen’s vicious character portrayal.

This is why I’m so loving reading this book again! There is so much delicious detail that was lost in my memory.

Also! I discovered at least two of you are listening and enjoying my reading. So thank you Gin and Jess for spurring me on to continue. I realised having all the readings in one playlist would probably be helpful, so you can find that here.

I also broke the cardinal rule of voice work (whether singing or acting) and drank a hot chocolate before recording. Probably not as clear a narration as I ought to have produced, and many pauses for burping. Though I am a genteel lady, to be sure.

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22