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I opened a new browser tab (alongside a gazillion others I should close) and wanted to blog and just can’t think of what to write even though there’s lots in my head. So I’ll gently shake my brain-tree by doing Pip’s Taking Stock list and those things will eventually fall from the branches (can you tell I’ve been gardening a lot?).

Making : a sampler blanket, with a different kind of stitch on each row…it’s going to be a bit strange, with different weights and yarn types but I’m curious to see how it’ll turn out!


Cooking : I made up a rather yummy salmon quichey thing (mix up tinned salmon, pine nuts, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, milk, couple of eggs, herbs til it looks to be a pleasing quantity, pour into a pie dish lined with a piece of puff pastry and bake at 180 til golden on top).

Drinking : delicious, cold, sweet, plain tap water.

Reading: as I plan my vegie beds, I started re-reading Barbara Kingsolver’s excellent Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A year of food life. It’s a pleasure to revisit and I love Kingsolver’s writing.

Trawling: stock photography sites for Christmas artwork I’m doing for a few different clients. Ohhh there is so much bad stock photography. I won’t subject you to the actual image, but I searched for ‘king, crown’ and among the results was a guy with a crown on, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his oiled and muscly torso. What.

Wanting: boundless energy and a clear mind…I can keep dreaming, can’t I?

Looking: out the window at greenery as far as I can see in any direction.

Deciding: not to worry about the outcome of the US election.

Wishing: I could transport all my friends here for a day to hang out.

Enjoying: sitting outside in the backyard to eat.

Waiting: for my shipment of Everyday Gratitude diaries to arrive so I can post them out.

Liking: that I can definitely sense a positive change in my overall health since moving here.

Wondering: why I find it so hard to just knuckle down and work.

Loving: the unexpected beautiful flowers I keep finding in my new garden.


Pondering: the creative scene in Tasmania and how to find my tribe.

Listening: to the two pre-order tracks from the Hamilton mixtape.

Considering: doing my Diploma in remedial massage next year.

Buying: a Blue Yeti mic for my podcasting endeavours!

Watching: The Crown on Netflix. Enjoying it, too!

Hoping: everything comes together for the BHB Bali reunion I’ve organised in Melbourne at the end of the month.

Marvelling: at it still being light at 8:30pm, but with cool temps.

Cringing: at the older woman on the news who said Donald Trump was a good role model for children.

Needing: the massage I’m going to get tomorrow!

Questioning: my addiction to screens.

Smelling: mum’s spaghetti bolognese wafting in from the kitchen.

Wearing: my lovely latest eShakti dress that makes me feel comfy and free after the winter months of my legs being encased in denim (my dress is teal but they don’t seem to have that colour anymore). Edit to add – oh! Tamara reminded me – If you decide to order from eShakti, use this link and I think we both get $30 off!

Following: Baz Luhrmann on Instagram, after reading about his Romeo + Juliet retrospective posts.

Noticing: many different birds I’ve never seen before.

Knowing: God’s got it all under control.

Thinking: I should organise who I’m going to catch up with when I’m in Sydney (13-16 January).

Admiring: Clementine Ford. Not afraid to stand up and say what she thinks about things that need to be talked about.

Getting: used to the rhythm of life here.

Bookmarking: certain punctuation rules as defined by the Chicago Manual of Style, as I proofread a PhD.

Disliking: my jealous streak.

Opening: many packages I get in the mail from shopping online. I love getting mail, even if it takes a bit longer to get here than it did in Sydney!

Giggling: at my cat ‘helping’ me with the gardening by pouncing on the weeds as I pull them out.

Feeling: A little uncertain and tired. Still.

Helping: a friend come up with wording for a delicate question he needed to ask someone.

Hearing: lawnmowers, every day!

Celebrating: Elsie’s birthday today! (well, I celebrated by sending her these emoji: ? ????? )

Pretending: I’ve got my act together.

Embracing: the fact that it’s okay that I don’t have my act together.