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Before we moved here, the most common response to our news that we were moving to Tasmania was, “hope you like the cold!” as though we had no idea it got cold here. Well it’s just as well we do like the cold, hey?

The thing that’s interesting is not so much the temperature but how changeable the weather is. Even locals just shrug and say, “that’s Tassie weather for you.” You can wake up to a windy day with rain smacking against the windows, then a couple of hours later there will be blazing sun and bright blue skies, then a few hours after that there will be dark clouds looming. On my drive from town today it felt like I went through every season in 20 minutes. It’s kind of nice though, I like sunny days with a hint of coolness to the air. It’ll be interesting to see what the summer feels like.

I’m happy because I can finally put all the things I’ve crocheted over the years to proper use! My giant red cardigan that was always too bulky for Sydney? Perfectly cosy. My fingerless gloves that I only really needed to wear a few times a year? Excellent for keeping the backs of my hands snug while I type. Ooh – there might be beanie potential too!

I haven’t really felt like crocheting much for months, but now having assembled all my yarn together in one box for the move, I’m starting to get inspired by patterns, colours and texture again. Now I just have to decide…a new rug or more fingerless gloves? Or both?


Giant box of yarn