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I chatted to a friend I hadn’t seen in ages last night and he learned about our impending move to Launceston. He looked surprised.

“You’ll be bored!”

Well that’s better than “hope you like the cold!” (We do.)

I’m sure there will be periods of boredom (just as there are in Sydney!). There will be baffling moments reminiscent of an episode of Seachange or Bed of Roses (both excellent Heather Armstrong vehicles, btw). There will be periods of intense loneliness and wondering whether we’ve done the right thing.

But there will also be new opportunities. We will meet more people. We will find new friends. We will explore a beautiful part of Australia. We will enjoy the quiet (as I stood trying to cross Botany Road today, while a seemingly never ending phalanx of semi trailers thundered down the street, I can tell you I am looking forward to the quiet)!

And one of the major reasons we’re going is to be part of the Christian community, to help and serve and encourage. My friend said we should look at it as a missionary opportunity, and we kind of are. I really hope that doesn’t sound patronising, but the truth is in Sydney we are overflowing with great teaching and conferences and strong churches and mature Christians. As I’ve said before, you don’t have to go to developing countries to find places that aren’t so richly blessed, church-wise. We’re meekly saying, “here we are!”, and we’ll see how God chooses to use us.

This friend also suggested I form a Bec’s Sanity Committee to pray for us. Hey why not? Let me know if you want in…