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2016-06-15 14.42.12-1

Well it’s happening.

We prayed. We wrote a Rory Gilmore classic pro/con list. We prayed some more. We talked to some people. Bit more praying. We decided.

Mum and I are moving to Launceston.

The reactions of people we’ve told so far have ranged from shock to excitement for us. The main thing that is hard is physically leaving people and recognising that some relationships will change just because we’re no longer geographically close. But there is the internet, that wonderful, wonderful thing. I think about my family moving overseas (more than once) in the 80s and how isolating that must have felt, with nothing but expensive echoey phone calls or slow letters to keep you connected.

So we’ve started the process of selling our little house (and my cabin! Sob!). I’ve never sold a house before! It’s weird when you talk to agents, you have to remind them that you don’t know what you’re doing and they need to tell you what steps are next. After ‘auditioning’ three agents, we settled on one who seemed to have the necessary enthusiasm, energy and sales record to help us. They are coming to take photos tomorrow, and then in around a week it’ll be on the market.

In terms of where we’ll go, we have our eye on a place near Launceston, but it all depends on timing as to whether we can put an offer on it (we need the proceeds from the sale of our house, and for nobody to have bought the Tasmanian house in the meantime). Rent is way cheaper in Launceston than in Sydney so if it came to that we could rent while we keep looking, but that’s not ideal. You don’t want to have to move all your stuff more than strictly necessary.

I will be chronicling our adventure here of course. If you’re the praying type we’d appreciate your prayers for wisdom, energy and trusting God’s timing. He’ll sort it all out.

PS if you’re a client of mine, or you would like me to do any graphic design or writing work for you, nothing will change, I am still a gun for hire (and can use the work!). The joys of freelancing and the internet!

PPS Our move has nothing to do with the Uni of Tas, which is the picture above. I just love that artwork and didn’t have many other pics of Launceston.

PPPS We’re anticipating many visitors. There will be a comfy spare room, don’t you worry.