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One of the brochures in the Mole Creek cottage was all about where to buy yummy food and fresh produce, and the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm was nearby. Naturally we headed straight there. I had chocolate raspberry French toast and it was as delicious as you’d expect, really.

2016-06-16 11.22.40-1

As we were driving out of there, having bought jam, tea and the most incredible chocolate covered raspberries (they beat chocolate covered strawberries by a mile), there was a sign pointing to the Ashgrove Cheese Factory a few kms away. Naturally we headed straight there.

2016-06-16 12.03.29-1

After we stocked up on brie, lavender infused cheddar and other tasty things, we headed to Westbury to look at some display homes. The appeal of building our own home is pretty big, but enough viewings of Grand Designs have taught me that it would likely end up with us over budget, over deadline and living in a caravan (if it was a cool caravan, that would be okay for me, but mum said no). So it seems sensible to look at what local building companies have to offer, especially if they do all the messing about with councils and planning permissions and all that.

Our minds buzzing with the possibilities, we headed east. We listened to Kate Grenville’s One Life: My Mother’s Story, a wonderful memoir about the life of a woman living through the 20th century. There was a lot that resonated with us and our family, and made me even more determined to write the story of my grandmother’s life.

We checked in to Bicheno by the Bay and our bright blue a-frame bungalow, facing the ocean. It was so lovely and quiet. I can imagine it would be a very popular spot in summer time. We went down to the water and just stood there, drinking it in, for a long while. A rainbow appeared over the wild sea as the sun set, and it felt like the edge of the world.

2016-06-16 16.31.57

We tended to eat dinner really early most nights; this night we got to the pub before they’d even opened the kitchen. So we sat and had a drink, and eventually a much nicer pub meal than we’d had the night before. Back at our bungalow we watched some TV, ate some of the treats we’d bought and turned in for the night.

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