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I have really enjoyed the lead up to Christmas this year, and Christmas day itself. Some years I’m so exhausted I can barely manage. But I think being my own boss this year, fitting in work around other things, and just generally being much more relaxed about things means I have been able to enjoy it more.

I led the singing at our Carols service a couple of weeks ago, and again at our Christmas Eve service last night. Tim and I sang an item, which always feels a little strange. Singing at church isn’t about performing for me (nor should it be) so it feels odd when I’m singing and nobody else is! But hopefully people listened to the words and it helped them reflect.

The song, Who would have dreamed, and the above quote from Augustine are where my thinking’s been at this Christmas, thinking about Jesus being fully God and fully man and trying to sit with that reality and appreciated how awesome it is.

We’ve also been reading Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift throughout advent (which is where I read the Augustine quote). Spending long chunks of time reading the Bible and Voskamp’s reflection on it with mum has been a richly rewarding experience. I love that we can just talk for ages together about Jesus, our salvation in him and what living for him means in our lives. It’s not just “we’re Christians” and it’s a tacit understanding that we never talk about, but it’s something we wrestle with and wonder at, something that is messy and delightful and joyous and confusing all at the same time.

Here’s the song we sang last night. I hope it helps you reflect on Jesus and what he’s done for you, as much as it helped me. Happy Christmas!