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Mum just said she felt like Vegemite and butter on toast but we didn’t have any butter. I jumped up and said, “I’ll make some!”

She replied, “Do you have a philosophical objection to buying butter now?”

No! But making butter in the Thermomix is so quick and fun and full of that cooking magic that I love. Put one thing in, whiz it for a minute or two, and it’s totally transformed into something else. And every time I make butter I think about milkmaids having to churn cream in a butter churn and it makes me glad I don’t have to put in that kind of effort to make food from scratch!


Not me.

Making from scratch is so good. Every time I discover something new you can make from scratch I want to try it. (Condensed milk! Coconut yoghurt! Almond meal! Rice flour! Every kind of stock! Curry pastes!)

Here are some of the many other things I cooked this week.


love macaroni and cheese. I used to love the Kraft boxed macaroni cheese when I was at uni and then when I started reading packaging and realising how unhealthy it was I stopped eating it (you’d think the orange powdered cheese would have tipped me off, wouldn’t you?). I’ve never been able to make a cheesy pasta in the same consistency, and while any kind of pasta with any kind of cheese is pretty great, the smooth creamy kind is just what I was always craving. This recipe is just right.


The recipe for pork and prunes in Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion is just divine. I experimented with converting the recipe to cook in the Thermomix and it was a tasty, tasty success.



Today was a coolish sort of day. Often I spend Sunday mornings in the garden. I really enjoy the time outside, checking on all the plants, cutting things back and restoring a bit of order. I’ll start once mum has headed off to church, and by the time she gets back a few hours later, I’m usually very hungry. Today, though, I put lunch on before I went outside, which was good thinking! I had bought a kilo of zucchini at Costco, thinking “hey this will be a good saving for my demos” and then remembered that I’m going to Malaysia for a week and not doing any demos. Duh. But a kilo of zucchini makes an amazing soup, with plenty to freeze for future meals.

So by the time I was done giving the house a haircut (we have plant stuff growing all over our courtyard wall) and mum came home, there was delicious and nourishing hot soup and aromatic bread. It looks fancy but was so, so easy.

When I was heading off to church for music rehearsal, I took an espresso I had made in mum’s new coffee machine and a chunk of pull apart bread and exclaimed to her, “if I had gone to a cafe for this it would have cost me seven or eight dollars!” and then promptly dropped the bread on the floor (five second rule, it was fine). She agreed that it was a good saving, but laughed at me all the same.