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Would it be an exaggeration to say I missed my Thermomix while I was in Malaysia, despite the abundance of delicious Malaysian food I ate? Hmm. Well I wasn’t having withdrawal symptoms, but I got back into cooking as soon as I was back! While I was away I also had read lots of people on the Skinnymixer’s Facebook group raving about Babas curry powder from Malaysia and remembered to pick up a few packets while I was there. It was a good tip; the curry I made this week was delicious. Nik Riddle (aka Skinnymixer) has developed some outstanding recipes for the Thermomix, and the curries I’ve cooked from her (very reasonably priced) cookbooks have all been brilliant.

Here is some other stuff I made this week. The day I got back I was craving sweets so made sticky date muffins in my heart shaped Tupperware moulds:



At my team meeting on Monday I picked up the Thermomix gingerbread house mould! It is so darn cute. Our stupid oven meant my first batch (using this recipe) didn’t work so well – the gingerbread was still delish, but more of a soft, fudgey gingerbread (I also accidentally put double the amount of cloves in, so it had a rather bracing aftertaste). Not so structurally sound in terms of house building. So I made a second batch using the recipe that came with the mould and left it in the oven for much longer, and it turned out perfectly. I still haven’t put it together and decorated it, because the rest of the week ended up being totally insane, so I’m looking forward to doing it this week.

Oh and the ‘failed’ batch? I snacked on it, made a gingerbread pavlova stack for growth group with it (which kind of melted and didn’t look so great, so no pics, but it was very yummy), and finished it by making a sort of trifle, layering it with custard and Frangelico. YUM.


Yesterday I made Tenina’s salted caramel ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate. It’s a bit icy because I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter – had lots of leftover buttermilk which I used instead of whole milk, I used the leftover egg yolks from the aforementioned pavlova instead of whole eggs, and I thought I had run out of cream so didn’t have as much cream in it as the recipe called for (turned out I had a whole other carton but it was hiding in the fridge). But the result was still good despite not being super creamy – quite salty, but with the chocolate chunks it wasn’t overpowering.

IMG_1430 IMG_1431

And tonight I made a tasty, tasty dinner – cheese and spinach pizza. Now lying on the couch listening to Handel’s Messiah. That’s a pretty good Sunday night.

Other things I made this week but had no pics of:

  • Skinnymixer’s chicken kievs
  • Skinnymixer’s chicken tikka masala
  • made up muesli
  • strawberry daiquiri
  • orange and nectarine smoothie kind of thing with wheatgrass that I grew!