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Here’s some stuff I made this week:


Freshly milled spices – so aromatic. I had a bit of a cold earlier in the week, so I made a big batch of chai, put it in a Thermos and took it down to my studio to do my design work. It was very comforting to sip on all day!


I wasn’t going to include this one because a picture of a cottage pie, well, isn’t very appetising unless you style it up. But I left it in because if you look carefully you can see the indent in the mash where I dropped my phone. 🙂

I also learned that a cottage pie and shepherd’s pie are basically the same thing, except the former uses beef and the latter uses lamb. This fed us for a couple of hearty meals and was full of vegies and flavour.

I had chosen this recipe to try mincing my own meat (we had a roast that was too large for the two of us, so had only cut off a small bit for roasting). I had cut the original piece of meat into too-large chunks, so the result was not very uniform, and meant that some of the meat was basically pulverised while the larger bits were still whole. So I’m going to try again and next time actually heed the instruction to cut the meat into 2-3 cm cubes and not just cut it any old how.


This sorbet is what we start our demos off with, and I just wanted to share how beautiful it looks with that lovely swirl! I normally use berries, but at one demo earlier this week we used pears, which was a lovely flavour; I think next time I would also add some mint and lime for a bit of zing.

With this batch, after our guests had some, there was still heaps left over. I froze some in popsicle moulds for later, and we had a cocktail using the sorbet, some Cointreau and some ginger beer. So. Good.


My first attempt at poaching eggs in the Thermie wasn’t great; the yolks were perfect but the white went everywhere. This time I tried the sous vide (‘slow cooked’) method – the eggs were just as I like them. The Hollandaise sauce was perfectly creamy and not too heavy. A success!


And with the leftover whites after using the egg yolks in the Hollandaise, of course I made meringues! And then scoffed almost the lot over the next day or so.


One of my demos this week was at our house with some of mum’s friends. We discovered that our place is pretty well set up for this purpose! I had an old desk, which I wheeled into our tiny dining room, and the space was just right for the guests to be able to see the cooking and get involved. It also helps to know what plates/platters, etc I can use.

Such fun!