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I think I’ve used the Thermomix every day since I’ve gotten it, which is a good thing! I think the curiosity factor was a big driving factor initially – “ooh, can I make this in it?” – but it’s starting to become my preferred method of cooking just because it’s so fun and easy and doesn’t involve much washing up. At my team leader’s house she has her Thermomix on a board over the stove; she realised one day she had to dust the stove because it had been so long since she’d used it so she thought it was best to just cover it up!

So here are some of the things I’ve made this week.


Bliss balls, protein balls, snack food in ball shaped form…this has been one of those healthy eating foodies trends in recent times that kind of bypassed me, really. But I went looking on the Thermomix recipe community for something snacky and cinnamon doughnut bliss balls caught my eye. They are also paleo, raw, vegan, dairy-free, grain-free and gluten-free, if those things are important to you. Not nut-free, obvs.

They turned out to be an excellent snack for the week. I don’t think they tasted much like cinnamon doughnuts (I didn’t roll them in the cinnamon sugar, so that would have helped) but oh they were yummy. Rich, nutty and satisfying. I found I was snacking a lot less this week; possibly because just having one of these was more satisfying than a handful of biscuits or whatever.

lot of oil came out of the nuts as they were ground, as many of the commenters on the recipe page noted. But the oil in nuts is the good kind, so I wasn’t too bothered by that (and being a massage therapist, I wasn’t too bothered by oily hands as I rolled them up!). I preferred to eat them straight out of the fridge rather than room temperature, when they got a lot stickier.


Creamy chicken and cashew curry was so quick to make. I hadn’t even thought about what to have for dinner, looked at what we had in the fridge and cupboard, searched for a recipe and a little over half an hour later, this was ready to eat. My favourite kind of cooking! It was so delicious too, quite a dry and mild curry. I think next time I would add more curry powder for more of a kick.


These are two recipes that we do at our demos, so I gave them a go for our lunch on Saturday. That salad! Divine…so crunchy and fresh and perfectly chopped. I don’t think I’ve ever used fresh beetroot in anything before; my hands only got a little pink (though when prepping for demos it’s recommended we use gloves so we don’t turn up to cook looking like a suspect in a murder mystery). It’s really good with feta on top, but the yummy dip provided enough of the creamy cheese factor so I didn’t add it.


These cookies are in the Festive Flavour cookbook, which has all sorts of recipes for Christmas meals. There’s actually a lot of stuff that I would cook all year round (and some good ideas for church hospitality) in it so I’m glad I bought it. The recipe’s name comes from the urban legend about the $250 cookie recipe from Neiman Marcus – totally bogus, but such a delicious result all the same! I only baked a third of the mixture; the rest is rolled up in logs in the freezer so next time I feel like cookies I can just thaw and bake.

I also made:

  • the steamed salmon veloute meal that we do at our demos (potato and leek soup, followed by salmon with carrot and zucchini strips, covered in a delicious velvety sauce)
  • about a litre of plain yoghurt
  • chocolate custard…ommmmmmm nom nom
  • milled my own LSA (linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds – meant to be good for your liver)
  • made my own Bircher muesli mix (which, of course, I ate with the LSA and yoghurt I made, as well as an apple I shredded up in 3 seconds)

So it seems like a lot of cooking, but it hasn’t felt like it! The cooking part has been fun, quick and easy and there’s been hardly any washing up (and anything I did have to wash up I just chucked in the dishwasher). Mum is very much enjoying not cooking much for the first time in ages too!

Have you cooked anything good this week (in a Thermomix or not)?