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I don’t know that I could be a professional blogger; I keep forgetting to post. I suppose if it was my only job and I actually earned money from it I would do it!

I have spent the weekend helping Sammi out at the Smash! manga and anime convention, selling Copic markers. We were very busy. And I got some steampunk goggles!


I also had some time to sit and colour in to demonstrate the markers. I’m enjoying drawing again, though I am not really able to draw anything but female characters front-on. I need to learn how to draw bodies in different poses…I guess that just takes some practice!


In Everyday Gratitude news, oh I never officially posted it here, did I? I ended up raising well over my target amount. Funnily enough, the amount raised is pretty much what I thought I’d need for the project even though I asked for about $2000 less on Pozible. I just felt like asking for $11,000 seemed excessive…and yet that’s what I ended up getting! God is so good. That means I can pay for the whole project outright, which is a great relief. The diary is with the printers now, and I’m waiting for goodies like tote bags and mugs to be delivered. It’s so exciting for this idea to have become a reality, and I can’t wait to wrap and send all these things out. I’ll have more diaries and cards and things for sale on the Everyday Gratitude website (sign up for the mailing list if you want to find out details as they come to hand).

And you know, despite all that, I still get those niggly little doubts, or feelings like “you’re not doing anything worthwhile” or “people won’t like your stuff…because it’s not like that other person’s stuff”. Which, of course, is nonsense. When that thought crept in last night, I had to say to myself, “for goodness’ sake! You’ve just raised $11,610 to produce something that people are looking forward to! You’ve just spent all day out selling people things that will help them make art! You’re just tired! Go to sleep!”

Then I woke up and Karen had tweeted me this comic, which is perfect really. CAKE.