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Today I made myself a treadmill desk! Amanda Hooton says, “The great problem with working at a treadmill desk, as American writer Susan Orlean has observed, is “the compulsion to announce constantly that you are working at a treadmill desk”. This is all too true, and so I must tell you: I am working at a treadmill desk.”)

I have lately been concerned about my almost complete inertia. I get up, have breakfast, sit in my chair or lie on the couch to work. I get up to eat, then resume my position. I really don’t like walking around my neighbourhood; the zooming traffic is loud and stressful. And I find exercise pretty boring. But I’ve noticed my lower back and hips aching a bit more these days because my posture is pretty dreadful. 

So I needed something to do that didn’t involve me leaving the house, and which I could do while doing other things. I didn’t necessarily want a workout but just something that meant I was moving more than sitting.
Aha! Treadmill desk! Purpose built treadmill desks, while snazzy, are incredibly expensive. I didn’t need a fancy treadmill, because I’d just be walking (very slowly), not running. I needed it to be fairly slimline too, so it would fit easily under the desk. So I ordered a relatively cheap Confidence Power Plus Treadmill. The manual was missing from the treadmill box, and when I googled it I discovered there was a whole website someone had devoted to building a treadmill desk using this treadmill! I took the handles off and pulled the cord out so the treadmill display could rest on the desk.

I raised the height of my Expedit desk and rested it on top of my old TV stand, which now houses my printer (hurrah! Repurposing!). The desk is now the exact right height for typing, and it’s actually pretty easy to type while walking. The desk doesn’t look that flash with all the cables hanging down, but I’ll get something cheap to tidy them up. And yes, that’s Jack Donaghy keeping me company while I set up.


I’m doing 15 minute bursts of walking and then just standing for a while before starting walking again. I am very excited about getting more movement into my day!