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Hmm…I should have looked ahead in the list – this is kind of what I posted yesterday! Well that’s okay. There are more.

A gift of peace:
I know I posted another pic of this scene back when I took it, but I often think of this quiet spot in the mountains, the cool air, the beautiful trees, the quietness. Do you ever have moments or images that you treasure, that you can pull out and savour from time to time? This is one of those.




The funny thing is, every other time I’ve walked past this spot, it’s been on my way up to the KCC centre, surrounded by crowds of people, puffed after walking up the hill. I’d never stopped to look at it. But that quiet morning back in May, when no one was around and it was just silent was perfection.

A gift of hope:
This is the Mother and Daughter rose. I planted it out the front of our house a couple of years ago but it never really thrived. Recently I repotted it and moved it, and it put on a sudden growth spurt and one perfect looking bud (I don’t think roses are generally meant to bloom in winter). Isn’t a flower about to bloom just a picture of hope? The potential of beauty, the promise of abundance.


A gift of love:
My mum. I know how blessed I am to have the relationship and friendship I have with her. It is rare and I treasure it and I am grateful for it every day.