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You’d hardly know it was winter – it’s a gloriously sunny day down here at Orient Point, where I’m staying with Karen and Georgina for a couple of days (with an additional guest joining us tonight). As Bridget Jones would say, it’s a a full-blown mini-break holiday weekend (except it’s not the weekend).

I’ve spent all day sitting in the sun, doodling. It’s kind of part Holistic Business Mapping (which I did with Suse through Creative Conversation) and part drawnelling, but it’s nice to start with a blank page and lots of free time and to see what comes out. Here’s what my life looks like at the moment:

 Who knew that to be satisfied with my work I would have to start four businesses? Sheesh.

I also like how the things I’m doing are springing out of the gifts God has given me and my response to them. It feels like, even though from time to time I’m a bit scattered, things are humming along the way they should be. I want to do a bit more thinking/reading about using our gifts to the best of our ability and how that helps us to fulfil our purpose.

We were chatting about it a bit this morning (and I have said it to someone else too), that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that’s your gift – for example, I am quite good at admin and organising things. Doing admin well makes me feel satisfied, but it doesn’t make my heart sing. You can get through life quite reasonably, doing things you’re good at, but when you start doing something that makes your heart sing, you really know the difference. Because I believe the gifts I have are God-given, using my gifts well is an act of worship, and expresses gratitude to him.

Need to think more on this. But it’s resonating.