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I was going to a friend’s office for afternoon tea to say goodbye to her as she heads off on seven weeks’ long service leave. Long service leave is a pretty amazing thing. I’ve never worked anywhere long enough to get it (and you certainly don’t get it when you’re self-employed unless you are doing pretty well!), so I admire peoples’ tenacity for sticking at a job long term.

I decided to bake because a) baking is fun and b) it’s a lot cheaper than buying things in a shop and c) there’s lots of love that goes into it too. True!

I decided to try the raspberry and coconut tart recipe from Pip’s new book – only they’re strawberry cos that’s the kind of jam we had in the fridge.


See the glass rolling pin? That belonged to my grandma! I absolutely love it. It has a cork stopper so you can fill it with ice water to keep your pastry cold. How clever! Also in that picture is an orange plastic jug that is my mum’s and has been part of our kitchen for as long as I can remember. She got it as a cheapie (or a freebie?) when I was just a little’un. Funny how those things stick around, isn’t it?

Given Pip’s article on family and crafting that was in last weekend’s Age, it just seemed right to be making these tarts with those implements from the women in my family.




Our oven is really quite stupid and unpredictable, so they got rather a lot browner than I intended. But they were delicious!