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One week + four photos = life as I lived it this week!


1. Everyday Gratitude stickers

These are the stickers I designed and printed with Moo that I’m going to use with my 2016 Everyday Gratitude diary! I think I will make them part of the crowdfunding reward packages when I finally get my Pozible campaign up and running.



2. Princess and the pea

I love that my cat has taken to sleeping on the stack of floor cushions in the living room. We learned a long time ago that if you buy any cat-specific stuff she will completely ignore it, but she quite likes finding her own places to hang (and her own things to sharpen her claws on…pretty much every patch of carpet in the house and the bases of our beds). This is a particularly good spot because, as you can see, it gets all the afternoon sun.

I think I’ve been taking more photos of the cat since I started freelancing, because she’s basically my only work colleague. Not that I used to take that many photos of my work colleagues…oh, fine, I just take too many photos of my cat.



3. Makeup

I quite like makeup even though I’m not really a makeuppy sort of girl. I am grateful I don’t have to wear it every day. But I actually find it quite fun to play with, and I love Benefit makeup a) because their colours and formulations seem to work well on me, b) because of their playful brand and c) because the packaging is always fun (remember, I love well-designed packaging!). I was in the city waiting for my phone to be repaired at Apple (and then, 2.5 hours later, they decided it couldn’t be fixed and just gave me a new phone), so killing time I wandered around the shops. I had never been into Sephora in Pitt Street, so wandered in and Hannah from the Benefit counter saw me looking. When I confessed to being a bit scared of doing eye makeup she whisked me away to teach me how. And then of course I bought this cute little kit. So Hannah was very good at her job. But also super friendly and chatting to her and having her do my makeup was actually quite a nice way to spend the time!


IMG_00024. Yorkshire pud

My favourite bit of a roast beef dinner is the Yorkshire pudding covered in gravy. This stems back to Monday night dinners at my godmother’s place; there were always people coming and going from her house, so every Monday she would cook a giant roast dinner for anyone who wanted it. She made the best Yorkshire pudding, in muffin tins (then when I read some recipes that called for it to be made in a big slab, it seemed totally wrong, even though that’s probably the traditional way). Her son Peter would always grab a couple, poke a hole in them with his finger and fill them to overflowing with gravy. Still the best way to eat them.

Anyway, tonight for mother’s day, the three of us went to Downstairs and had a roast with yorkie! It was giant, about the size of my two fists put together (the photo doesn’t really do it justice). So delicious!