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A new Pip thing to join in on: one + four = life! Love it. Once a week, post four photos to sum up your life in that week. Here are mine.

1. I love garden centres. Like hardware and craft shops, they are so full of potential and joy. Even if I don’t buy anything, I love walking around and smelling the herbs, soaking up the colour from all the flowers, seeing how amazing the plant world is when it’s tended by people who know what they’re doing! Mum and I have a soft spot for violas and their cute little faces, so we bought some of those and some sweet pea seeds, which I sowed a bit later than Jess did (we were excited about growing sweet peas together). The seed packet said not to water them for the first few days after sowing and ever since then it’s been raining, but they’re hardy little things so hopefully they still come up.



2. Sammi brought me some lovely fabric back from France when she and Guy were over there recently. I made two fun tote bags out of it (I still have more, so more tote bags to come). I’m still not used to being able to sew during a week day and it being “hey, I’m at work” instead of having to fit it in around other work.



3. Only a couple more hours to do of my log book! And May has come up quickly, so hopefully soon I’ll be able to get cracking on my massage practice! The pic is of my little aromatherapy box, which is full of the most delicious scents. ¬†Today I gave a massage to someone I’d never met before (a friend of a friend), and it was lovely. She was very appreciative, which is always gratifying as the massage giver. We enjoyed just being calm and relaxed in my warm studio while the rain smattered down outside.



4. Hot cross buns are great, but the reason we have them is even better. We celebrated Good Friday at church yesterday, and it was packed which took some people by surprise I think. I led the singing and loved reflecting on the great sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross, just so we could have life. I’m so grateful for his love and for the person he is making me to be.