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I brought some cereal and coffee with me from home so I didn’t have to venture out of the hotel first thing in the morning to find food, and so I could save some money. Both great things, but then it means I’m still sitting around in my pyjamas and have no desire to go anywhere. But I figure, if you’re spending money on a nice hotel, then it’s worth enjoying the room, surely?

And it’s a great room to enjoy. The Blackman is a lovely small hotel on St Kilda Road, about halfway between the city and St Kilda. It is full of Charles Blackman’s art (hence the name of the hotel), my room has his Alice in Wonderland paintings in it. Very comfy bed, beautifully appointed room, and a patisserie, Fleur Depot de Pain, downstairs (there’s also an Italian restaurant but I didn’t try that). There seem to be a lot of offices and things around here, not really the walk-around-and-explore part of Melbourne, but it’s easy to get around on the tram to other places.

The tram! I managed to master it! I know this is a small thing, but I have a bit of a phobia about catching public transport on my own in an unfamiliar place. I’m worried I will end up somewhere I don’t know, or go in the wrong direction, or do the wrong thing. But then I thought a) nobody else cares or is looking at me, b) taking my time to work out what I’m doing is okay, c) Melbourne is famous for its easy tram network so it can’t be that hard to figure it out. Their tram app is fantastic and the tram stops have such clear information about which tram is coming next and when, it was pretty easy to get around.

So yesterday I caught trams to Fitzroy, to meet up again with some of the Bali girls – Cara and Kiara couldn’t make it the previous night, so it was great to see them. After lunch, some went off to see a show, and Cara and I wandered around some Fitzroy shops. We went first to a gorgeous yarn shop, but I restrained myself from buying anything (I have a bad habit of buying first, picking a project later, which usually means I don’t have enough yarn or can’t find a project I want to use the yarn for). I did buy a necklace at another shop; I love to get something small when I travel that will remind me of the trip, but knick knacks are usually not worth the effort. Jewellery is much more useful. So I will always be reminded of the sunny Sunday afternoon wandering with Cara, and reconnecting with the Bali women when I wear this necklace.

I headed back to the hotel for a massage. The hotel uses a company called Rejuvenators, who have mobile massage therapists visiting various hotels. Betty was a wonder! Very strong hands, and made me feel so relaxed and serene. I need to get more massages…I think it’s an occupational hazard that you’re so tied up in massaging other people that you don’t get around to getting one for yourself. I also haven’t found anyone in Sydney I’m particularly loyal to. I wish I could have packed Betty in my suitcase and brought her home with me!

I had a delicious Vietnamese chicken salad and a piece of Opera cake from the patisserie for dinner and watched If You Are the One in its entirety for the first time. Then I did some work on the next chapter of Luna Jaffe’s Wild Money, which I’m working through. It’s been very good at clarifying my thinking on money! Hopefully I will be able to put some of it into practice too.

Some of the girls and I were talking about how it feels like we’re kind of inspiration junkies at the moment, doing online courses, reading books about change and creativity, sucking up anything and everything we can, but wondering whether there’s a danger that we’ll never actually do anything. I said it was a bit like how I think about gratitude, that the more you fill up your well, it will eventually overflow and affect how you live, how you treat others, what you put out into the world. But how long that takes depends on how low your well was to begin with. If your creativity/inspiration well was dry, it might take a lot of filling up with various things before the action starts to happen. But I’m confident it will happen. And actually, it is happening for all of us, just at varying speeds and intensities.

So although I feel a bit like I’m being a hermit for still sitting in my hotel room in my pyjamas and not rushing around Melbourne, I am grateful to look back on this weekend and see how full of riches it was! Reconnecting with marvellous people, taking some time to care for myself, conquering fears, eating well, sleeping well. Holidays are great.