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A strange day to have as your birthday – the most rain in a day for 13 years. And we were going to go to the zoo.

Instead, we pottered around at home. Mum made a yummy breakfast and gave me some snuggly pjs (just what I wanted!). We went out at lunch time, coinciding with a blackout that was sorted by the time we came back. Lunch was at The Vintage Goose, a newish place just round the corner in Kyle Bay. It was my kind of aesthetic, lots of old bits and pieces for decoration, mismatched chairs and tables, and yummy food.


We both had gruyere souffles and shared hot chips, which are mandatory on cold, blustery days:


and for dessert I had a strawberry and pomegranate pavlova with raspberry sorbet:


and mum had tarte tatin with cinnamon ice cream and toffee:



Just after we got home, some lovely flowers were delivered, courtesy of Georgina! You can’t go wrong with flowers, I say.


We were going to head out to Subcontinental for dinner so that I could be at least in the vicinity of my brother on my birthday, even though he was working. But the weather worsened, Mike Baird sent everyone home early, and we decided to just stay in. We made a big pot of delicious vegetable soup (to kind of offset what we had at lunch!) and watched Poirot.

Oddly enough, I’m feeling a bit melancholy at the moment, but I am just going to put that down to a couple of days of wet weather. Last night I had a “I’m feeling so old” moment to mum, which is ridiculous on reflection. At breakfast we sat and talked about how much has changed in our lives in the past 20 years, who we each thought I’d be, and how where we’re at is nothing at all that we imagined. And yet it is still very good, full of richness and lessons learned, and still full of hope for the future.

So no reason to be melancholy, really. I’ve had lots of lovely messages from friends, some cards, some pressies and good food. That’s a good birthday, even if it is wet!