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2015-04-14 17.18.00-2

1. Home sweet home
After my Melbourne weekend it was nice to get home and back into the studio. Here is my guard cat, in her new favourite spot on the table by the door. Last night I left the light on when I went back into the main house, and once it got dark, I was struck by the lovely, welcoming, homey feel it had, looking out into the blackness of the backyard and seeing the warm, glowing lamplight. Very lucky to have this space.

2015-04-17 11.51.27-1

2. Looking up
I went into the city for a meeting this week – I hardly ever go into the city anymore. But walking through the QVB, I stopped to look up at the main dome. I love this view so much, and the circles within squares. It’s a beautiful building.


3. Crafty
On Saturday I started a new crafty thing with some girlfriends, essentially scrapbooking I suppose, but we will make a new page on a theme each time we meet. And it’s all about chatting and catching up and having extended, leisurely craft time as well, with the whole of Virginia’s extensive papercraft stash. This time the theme was ‘joy’, and though I’d forgotten to bring a photo/something to put on the page, I decided to make it all about gratitude. Unsurprisingly that’s been on my mind a lot lately! (btw, have you liked my Everyday Gratitude page on Facebook yet? 😀 )


4. Garden
We have a bougainvillea that chugs along happily for a while and then puts on a massive growth spurt and suddenly there are thorny branches waving high in the sky and bending over onto the roof. This morning I got up on the ladder with the long handled shears to try and tame it a bit. So hard to reach – it looks a bit lopsided now, because I cut off the ones I could reach but the side nearest the neighbours fence is so well protected by massive thorns I just couldn’t get in there. Oh well! It yielded some beautiful colour for the kitchen.