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I’m grateful for growing up.

Well obviously I’m grown up. But I am grateful for being able to see how I’ve changed in my thinking and attitudes. I’m grateful for the work God is doing in me, making me more patient, less angry, less selfish. Of course I will still be prone to impatience, anger and selfishness until the last day, and I’ll probably be frustrated by my stumbles and setbacks along the way, but I can see how the negative traits aren’t as centre stage as they once were, that God is breaking them down in me.

Example: tonight we went out for a delicious meal to Subcontinental. Yes. We drove to a restaurant a block away from Oxford Street on mardi gras night. We were those guys.

We headed for the restaurant around blocked and crowded streets, with nary a parking spot in sight. I made a terse comment about it, then I dropped mum and Elsie off and drove around for about 40 minutes, hunting for somewhere to park. 10 years ago, I probably would have nursed that irritation, would have gotten more and more frustrated and angry, would have seethed and then when I finally made it to the restaurant, would have snapped. I would have had a terrible night, and ruined the night for everyone else too. What an unappealing thought.


Instead as I drove around I was able to let go of the irritation, eventually parked in a parking station next to the Capitol Theatre, walked to the restaurant and had a delicious meal. I got to enjoy seeing my brother’s new work, got to enjoy being with mum and Elsie, got to enjoy being out in the city on a Saturday night.

I’m grateful for growing up.