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On Friday I drove mum to her specialists’ appointment for some test results. Even though we figured the doctor would have gotten in contact if something was wrong, you’re still never completely sure that everything will be okay. But she was given a clean bill of health! So I am very grateful for that, and that even though it seems expensive, that we have such widely available and relatively affordable healthcare in Australia.

We had sourdough pancakes at Brasserie Bread on the way home to celebrate. Because of course.

2015-03-13 12.37.22

Today I spent three hours doing yard work. Even though I had to lie down for a while afterwards, it was so great to be out in the sun. It gives me pleasure to see the paving clean of leaves and weeds, the new grevilleas planted by the gate, the roses repotted and the lemon tree heavy with fruit. I am grateful for this little plot of land I call home, and for all the wonders within it.