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(oops another late one)

You’ll see a lot of my gratitude posts will end up focusing on food and people. I love them both!

After staff retreat, I drove back to the city and met up with Ali and Lucy, two lovely women I met on the BHB Bali retreat. I could only stay an hour because of parking limits, but it was a good hour! We talked about creativity, our future plans, the importance of being authentic and the stuff of life.

So good to reconnect, and very grateful that we were able to. Also grateful that we laughed and chatted as easily as we did in Bali; there’s always that potential for the gap between the holiday world and the everyday world to be too large. But I needn’t have worried; I’m pretty sure all the people who were on that retreat were chosen partly because of the authentic, wholehearted people they are, so you’d expect them to be much the same at home or away!

2015-03-12 13.08.20