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karen wrote a bit about this book ages ago and mentioned it again in her recent blogging about a talk she gave on mental illness and depression (well worth a read), and i forgot about it until just last night as i was lying awake again with my stupid sore neck and random thoughts flitting in and out of my mind. so i had another look at it.

the illustrations are beautiful and give a very simple but strong impression of what it can feel like to live with depression. i also found the author’s note really encouraging. check it out – there are a couple of illustrations in the site intro that just capture it perfectly for me, especially the kite-flying one and the lying in bed one.

i’m going to buy this next chance i get – it seems such a useful and simple way to help explain the inexplicable to people who don’t know what it feels like (although a word-person, i find i am also a very visual person and appreciate the directness of something like this to cut right to the heart of the matter). and immensely encouraging to know that other people know what it’s like; even though you know you’re not the only one dealing with depression it can feel like you are the only one who’s ever felt this way in the history of the universe, which is rather defeating.

barbara, if you’ve found your way here, i want you to know that i’m praying for you and love you very much.