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It’s too late to think of a catchy title

I'm not sure why I suddenly feel the need to post on the 27th of the month, but that has been my habit for the past three months so why stop now? Much like Jess G's end of the month wrap-ups, it's always good to look back each month and assess where I'm at. I went up...

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All that’s left is sparkles and bellybutton fluff

A month since my last post and the life cull continues. Have just pulled out of a whole bunch of commitments that were making me feel kind of terrified. Terrified that I wouldn't be able to hold up my end of the various bargains I had struck. I really hate letting...

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Bumbling through the fog

It’s been a strange few weeks. I’ve been carrying on through life as usual but it’s been quite hazy. I’ve slumped back into a bit of a hole, which isn’t great, but have fortunately had the presence of mind to get help. My nice Scottish GP has upped my meds and I’m...

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43 things I am grateful for on my birthday

I can’t sleep. I usually feel slightly melancholy before my birthday, and this year is no different (Possibly exacerbated by various factors including just having finished The Handmaid’s Tale, which doesn’t exactly put one in an uplifted mood). I posted on Everyday...

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Strictly sensational

So it's been just over a week since the show ended. I expected to feel much more of an immediate impact, but I think because Jess and Anna were visiting, it cushioned the blow somewhat. I had dear friends around who I hadn't seen for over two years (ARG), we did...

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The man in the arena (it’s me! And maybe you too!)

You know when you’re so tired you feel drunk? Only you haven’t had the pleasure of the drinking of the drinks? That’s me today. We’ve had a sudden heat wave and it was 38 degrees in Hobart today. That’s not supposed to happen. I MOVED HERE FOR THE COOLER CLIMATE. It...

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Other things I do!

I am passionate about gratitude and I write about it at Everyday Gratitude. I also have produced some nice things to help you get into gratitude, which you can buy here.

My life in pictures

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